Friday, July 29, 2011

1 month

One month from today I will be sitting at school in Back to School meetings. That means I have 1 month to enjoy the rest of the summer with my babies but also get my room ready.  Right now it's a bunch of boxes.  I see all these blogs and pictures on PT of summer school projects and classrooms that are done.  I like ahhhhhhhh I need to get on it!  I know it will all get done and it will look good!  BUT I need the behind the scenes to be organized.  I will have all these papers from last year to put away.  I wish I could bring the babies to school and work in my room.  I could but I don't think they would last long in their stroller.  If I put them on the floor to play I would get NOTHING done!  So right now I am going to try not to stress!

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